High and low massage massage guns gun gap in where

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-17
Good living conditions, protect J demand growth, massage gun market dazzling, but high prices and low massage massage guns gun gap in where? Take you know about the massage gun. Massage massage gun gun and low price seems no other potential Y in addition to price, and high massage gun seems on material quality, functional quality, feel and practicability. It's like a car, even if it is expensive and cheap, but there is a big difference between driving and riding, after all, a penny is certain. Gun manufacturers cheap massaging the gun in materials used massage gun, high-priced gun used by massaging machine movement is metal, and inexpensive gun use expensive plastic massaging machine movement, massage tentacles is also commonly used rubber, rather than feel more soft, feel closer to the silicone massage. Massage gun using materials of high prices is good material, material cost is not low, that's why massage gun price is higher. Guangdong massage gun manufacturers, on the other hand, the high price of massage gun in function also has a lot of intelligent detection set size 4 d intelligent motion, extend the SL rail can experience to better enjoy the massage, massage also guaranteed the quality of the gun, gun store has the corresponding massage, don't have to worry about after-sales service. Cheap massage gun unavoidably have this or that kind of problem, massage also cannot assure the quality of the gun, suggest to buy massage guns, or to the line to the store to buy, good buy big Z P card when buying online massage gun, this will ensure that their rights from infringement. Next article: the choice of electric massage gun what a myth: little common sense is what?
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