Gun massaging the pain have effect? Foot massage master four tips

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-08
Foot massage is to pressure to pain is effective? It's a great idea, and sometimes use gun massaging the strength is too large, or random, it will let the body injury, overexert fibrosis may lead to muscle! Comfortable and right foot massage, the four key must remember. Feet have a lot of nerve can be corresponding to the human body each place, is said to be a condensed version of the organ, the right way to massage, parts, the strength, can effectively alleviate the symptoms, but if you use a gun according to the fault point massage, too hard, pain to want to scream not necessarily is a good thing! Master these four tips, you can according to the comfortable and effective. Comfortable foot massage 4 tips 1. Use gun massaging the hot compress, massage to relax before the wash feet with warm water or towels on, in addition to being clean effect, also can promote the foot blood circulation, relax tense muscles, is a very important step before doing foot massage. 2. Choose to massage tools usually people don't like massage teacher, with professional knowledge and technique, his press could make hand injury with his hands, and on the market of multifarious massage gun, a roller shape, scrapping rods, rod-shaped, hammer, just choose your tools can be conveniently, according to the comfortable, but be careful massage slippers, like copy health trails in the park to the slippers, sharp stones and body weight on your feet, is likely to cause plantar fasciitis. 3. Moderate strength choose gun massaging the strength to give priority to in order to not cause pain, if still feel pain, said should stop here and rest and then get to the next stage, foot massage can relieve the body other conditions, but not pain good faster and faster, improve slowly don't have the opposite effect. 4. Note added moisture, drink water more can accelerate detoxification, suggested at the end of the massage, drink 300 cc to 500 cc of warm water to help detoxification. Foot massage massage time: it is recommended that do not press every day, time is not more than 30 minutes, a point about 3 to 5 minutes, if the body is weak, or the pain of feeling is very strong, can again according to their own needs to shorten time; Don't massage before or immediately after a meal, to avoid affect the digestion. Disease patients carefully press: diabetic peripheral neuropathy, less sensitive reaction, have according to the head is not easy to know, may cause bleeding; Gout patients pay special attention to massage strength, on the very inductive meridians, sometimes may be gout pain points, then never again repeatedly! Master the four key, busy all day, use guns to do foot massage massage to relax, the light wants to feel very comfortable. No time for professional services, at home can also do, recommend six simple massage technique. Six simple foot massage to relieve fatigue 1 all day long. Foot bath: prepare a pot of 40 to 43 ℃ water, water to be over 1 cm above the ankle, one of 20 to 30 minutes is ok, it has functions of promoting blood circulation, relax the effect of sleeping, don't pay attention to the bubble for too long, can let vascular engorgement instead. 2. Can and direct contact with nature, helps the body discharge, reduce the effect of free radicals on the body, has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory effect. Small make up remind, will try to find a clean place, be careful with a sharp debris on the ground. 3. Toe massage: first of all, gently pull each toes stretching, again from the beginning of the thumb, make the motion of circle, finally positioned sole, thumb on the root of the toe, from outside to inside, toe massage before you go to sleep, can help the body to relax promote sleep. 4. Fist and knocked at the soles of the feet: before going to bed with his fists knock on feet, with the strength, feel a little pain for about 2 minutes a day, it can promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue. 5. Etc. 6. The pedal bicycle: promote blood circulation of legs, helpful to health. The pedal bicycle not only training the core, also can strengthen the leg blood circulation, kill two birds with one stone. To pay attention to the correctness of posture, and to spread the yoga mat on the hard floor, so as to avoid injury to the lumbar spine. About a minute at a time, can do three rounds. Who is not suitable for use to do foot massage massage gun? And so on. Physiological period. Pregnant women. Patients with varicose veins. Your feet have inflammation, the status of the open wound. Patients with acute myocardial infarction. Such patients. Vascular embolization. Foot massage is the effect of relieving symptoms, but don't too dependent on, the body a feel uncomfortable will go to the press, will accordingly should seek medical assistance, again with massage to help; To care the body, or by regular exercise and a balanced diet. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage massage gun gun guide pain have effect? Foot massage 'recipes 4 0)
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