Gun manufacturers to teach you how to pick massaging the gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Massage gun manufacturers to teach you how to pick the massage chair has now become a gun people commonly used household items, use the chair crowd is constantly increasing, so how do we choose chair is a problem, the following spinoza chair from several surface to tell how to choose home chair under 1. 1, on the basis of household style, choose chair prepared under the chair, s first viewed from the outside, remind you of the appearance, can deepen the understanding of the chair again, pick up and his household style deployment mediate household chair. Smaller than your home is fresh or rural style, the choose the color of the color window, warm yellow, etc. 2, according to the type selected chair, as we all know, 1 is in force of outer space environment, object floating in the air. Chair is not to say that produce forces environment, but create a similar outer space sense of loss, common planning on the couch, the pressure on the body and let a person in one state, then apply pressure, feel comfortable, to good effect. Body of chair, now many chairs are general planning, to sit on, can the operation panel or controller, to chair the viewpoint, strength, forms, etc. , there are still the package type chair of the planning, even by air parcel, feet and other body parts, and let down to every part of the body, brings comfortable enjoy. Part of the chair, chair also is not to say that the better the more local, if see s can apply, actually not suitable for use than the old chair, because of the elderly, spinal ligaments around too lax, a wider range and chair body, if use undeserved, may exacerbate the whole body is unwell, so should choose this kind of chair is given priority to with partial muscle or meridians. 3, the product workmanship, quality, check the chair manufacturer qualification chair details, j, distinguished from defective chair is very simple. Else, must pay attention to the chair of the producers, check production chair manufacturer qualification, chair on the use of materials, can be done in time to see the local also use high quality materials, and then all the quality products. 4, body, choose suitable for their size chair chair in the market now, many have human body detection jis, active stroke can be based on the human body. In a timely manner so that, should also be body, everyone's height, fat disambiguation of dispute, the suitable chair width and gd, can g comfortable. Five, four before buying, yi to clear can supply service and dealer. S to problems are the following: than whether we can delivery, and even carried upstairs ( Take the stairs this user yi need to clear) ; Can I help supply device; Want to know other information, please pay attention to our guangdong ( Yangjiang) Spinoza electronic technology co. , LTD. , how long the warranty? The warranty period? How does the warranty cost business accounting? The warranty certificate? Lost can also served as the warranty? Is spinoza chair on how to choose the knowledge of household chair, hope can help to you. Next up: talk about home pedicure vendors would analysis should pay attention to the following a few points on a chair: massage with home pedicure vendors would analyze the old gun
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