Gun how correct massaging the triceps

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-22
Yesterday to bring us through the use of the gun right massage massage to relax the arm muscle and fascia, so today also non-stop in detail for you the correct way of massage the triceps. The rear of the triceps in our arms, below the shoulder blades, similar to the horseshoe shape. Biceps for the shape of a triangle, triceps so we are doing massage to relax, because of the horseshoe muscle area is large, and because there are two lines, three brachial muscle four points, to give it to relax. For girls because humerus muscle in cortex is thin, there are some muscle content, so we are in a relaxed hand strength must be smaller, do not force to pressure. For massage massage head suspended above the skin. When doing the humerus relax, palm supporting your thigh to nature, is too strong, otherwise humerus won't relax muscles. One point we want to know what is in the use of gun massaging any muscle group, according to the place must be in a state of relaxation, or it will backfire. Massage guns opened to the first gear, the first to find the first pain points, in the elbow stop here above 10 to 30 seconds and then along the up here, check below the shoulder blades, for 20 seconds, then along the triceps muscle fibers. Cycle, relax back and forth three to five groups. Finally on the way, triceps is a similar to the horseshoe shape of rectangular muscle group, four massage points, two muscle line. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide how to massage the right triceps 2)
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