Gun choice: massaging the gun stroke should be how to choose?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-29
Massage gun has appeared for some time, some sound in early march and let the word 'gun' massage on the search engine is a pair of fire. Remember to retrieve the number up to 5500 times of search. Is again after a few days before Mr. Luo massage gun with goods Pro Basic version. But the search engine to retrieve several did not, only a little bit of ups and downs! But in the old studio with cargo volume has reached millions of massage guns amount, have to admit that Mr. Luo's appeal. Seems a little bit digress ~ good massage gun when the choose and buy more than just whether the price is the lowest, but ignored the massage gun of choose and buy a lot of points. Lao wang has mentioned before 39 yuan of massage gun, experience and qc quality was horrible. Because Lao wang gun, there are different price of massage experience level is uneven. Domestic massage like a gun, and it is right choice, massage the ancestors of gun brand and the brand is recommended, if don't look at the price. So, in the choice to massage the gun gun massage stroke should be how to choose? Say massage gun stroke, it must also know what massage gun: it is the deep loose muscle fascia. And massage the gun stroke is test whether a massage gun 'fills in place'. If massage gun in the case of without any pressure, stroke is very short, and under outside pressure, stroke attenuation is very severe. That this kind of massage gun lost as the meaning of deep muscle relaxation massage equipment, it will be engraved on the massage gun monument to the bottom. If the stroke of massage gun after the pressure attenuation of very few words, it will be a qualified massage products. Now, just think about it on massage gun stroke force attenuation degree? No ~ have a stroke distance is massage gun. Domestic common massage gun stroke most are not mentioned in the product parameters, because they dare not, to have a guilty conscience, not everyone can go take a look at. All not mentioned on the product parameters we shall be in accordance with the 'Qiao Bi' processing. Qualified massage gun stroke distance is usually between 10 mm to 12 mm, 12 mm, of course, the best. If massage massage gun equipped with powerful gun motor + 12 mm stroke = you will experience the real 'to fall to the meat' feeling. Here the massage gun except, of course, because very few people would be conscious of its 16 mm stroke distance but Lao wang like it very much! Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide choice: massage gun stroke should be how to choose? 5)
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