Gun can release the massaging the shoulder and neck muscles?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-02
Of course! A friend asked massage gun can not shoulder and neck muscles massage? Lao wang before an article is a special article is for the neck muscle massage to ease, anyone questioning massage gun can not be on the neck massage to relax, this is to let a person very surprised! Gun how to use massage shoulder muscles relax massage method in the eyes of pharaoh, shoulder neck muscles are of the best places to release the fascia. Don't know if you have found your right shoulder muscles are a lot of muscle stiffness than the left, this is due to the usual use the right arm is far greater than his left arm. And because the arm back and forth, up and down movement of most is to rely on trapezius muscle and scapula muscle ( Only discuss neck muscles) 。 At ordinary times incorrect posture or bow for a long time makes the neck muscles in a tight state for a long time, attached to the neck muscles of fascia by pulling for a long period of time, make the fascia cannot return to the previous free state, the neck muscles will appear all sorts of abnormal state, stiff and sore, fascia adhesion, etc. , over time appear periarthritis of shoulder, not worth! Lao wang talked about in the previous article, the importance of fascia everyone can go to a serious look at! We often with the hand press neck muscles for trapezius muscle the & # 8221; On trapezius muscle & # 8221; , this is this muscle length is relatively rigid. This muscle is great love, otherwise you are uncomfortable! Use massage gun on trapezius muscle relaxation, suggested that the 'hard' junior partner use cylindrical massage head, after all, on the thickness of the trapezius muscle in that place! Reprint please indicate the: massage massage massage gun gun guide can release the shoulder neck muscles? 6)
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