Grass: maverick match sharpness kang ( ) G3 massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-01
Do a lot of friend, grinding his teeth with a gym membership to the gym is a fierce rolled iron, then can stand on the ground in front of the mirror looked at himself seemed to have brought up 'muscle' satisfactory nodded, and then? And then the next day, even the bed does. The various parts of the body muscle soreness, pectoralis major austerity, a open arms is very pain & # 8230; The above situation: don't talk to Lao wang mouth stubborn! After lu iron small white experience, lu iron does not listen to the gym coach persuasion, think and what to sell, hurried retreat! But the next day, the third day, the body that call a acid bright! Finally be trainer grass a maverick ( THERAGUN) G3 massage guns. Because after high intensity anaerobic exercise our body, there will be a lot of lactic acid in muscle and accumulation, so often get body acid bilges, wake up the next day and massage the gun's biggest advantage is that can quickly relax muscle, relieve because of muscle pain or pressure, eliminate taut state, to achieve the effect of body relax, not to mention the 'grass' today for the famous brand, THERAGUN) G3 massage guns. Don't exercise at ordinary times can also be used to relieve the office sedentary bring ache feeling, make you instantly refreshed, common market compared to traditional massage, massage G3 gun amplitude can be achieved for the 16 mm distance, the most direct effect is the muscles of the activation of the deep. It USES is Japan's industrial-grade brushless motor, power is very strong, can output up to 18 kilograms of thrust. As we are familiar with NBA star Michael Owen also use this type of massage gun, the motor of this product to you even if used for a long time, also won't feel power not long-lasting. , of course, let a person more impressive is its unique way of grip, triangle shape, grip feeling quite comfortable, this is a massage gun maverick aspects. Three sides handle is after an application for a patent for design, different from general L shape massage guns on the market. This design without the help of others, also can satisfy most needs. After all, we are not a gentleman, do not butler on-call 24 hours a day. On the other hand the gun is also equipped with many massage head massage, different massage heads can adapt to different massage place, more can be targeted to relax tense muscles. Promote circulation to achieve the purpose of deep relaxation. Although the design and concept will be high-end, using the method is very simple. Just press the power button, and then on to the part of the massage is ok. Several times a day can use, easy to relieve fatigue of a day. Fitness after use massage to relax massage gun, and then combined with stretching, believe fitness will get twice the result with half the effort effect. Ok. Today the grass planting ( THERAGUN) G3 massage gun will stop here! Reprint please indicate the: massage grass of gun guide: maverick ( THERAGUN) G3 massage gun? 2)
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