Germany's deep massage gun men and women are applicable

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-07
Lao wang finishing German gun to deep massage: although I am just into the company's rookie, but actually bought the first product - from four years ago After the electric toothbrush, I turned out to be a iron powder. Shopping is very simple, but is not easy to things, as well as to two or morethings price for shopping is not a simple event, site recommended by each item, are actually used, comparison, to recommend to you, and by a large number of replenish onr's stock cost low, directly reflected in the price, that's why we become die-hard iron powder. At work, a week before purchase in advance to the second group massage gun the arrival of the goods! Because we are both working, often have the problem such as neck, leg pain, and play in sports, especially weekend is Shouting here acid acid there every day, if you are still considering whether to lay hands on, can see the result, this article use after sincerely recommend! This group of German gun to deep massage, a total of four massage head can replace - Cylinder head, ball head, U type, flat head, head of four kinds of utilization rate is very high, according to the soles of the feet I use cylinder head, stomach and waist with a round ball, feet with head, U type lie flat on my back, shoulder, buttock, I will use flat head. Behind the gun body has a liquid crystal display screen, will now use the transmission speed and power to display, adjustable speed has a total of six file, and find that mingled with a few files, voice is very small, when using television volume need not so big, children sleeping in the room were also couldn't hear the sound. In addition to the daily work, weekend will play basketball movement, so often cried out, sore and ache all over, and movement relationship, muscles big and hard, went to the massage strength is not enough, say several times by less than the real point, feel a waste of money and no longer. With the German gun to deep massage, massage can operate, where feel ache is according to which side, muscle layer thick places on the high speed, very happy said his only oneself know! Are usually their first press the up and down the arms and legs, then lay down on the yoga mat, help him again according to the back, waist, buttocks, he loved by side alar there, pitch movement, the relationship between tight and ache, go to outside massage don't press to the other side, the Angle is not good press power works, with a gun can be fast and powerful vibration massage, immediately calm soothing, more severe than reality in. Have tried other brands, the price of a good massage gun broken, cheap 23000 there, but played enough depth, and the sound loudly, until the website introduced the German gun to deep massage, after the trial not only depth, strength enough, voice whispered again. Because it's strong, he is 4 - 6 files in use, I was 1 - 2 file to use, and it is massage gun, the strength of the same, the German gun I would not have to use pain to deep massage, I was his first according to the thigh, calf, then lie down and let the husband after the shoulder, back, waist, buttocks, butt really inductive, work every day sit bottom to poor blood circulation, the sat, the greater the time according to the waist and buttock, there is a loose comfortable don't want to get up! If you often wear high heels, or work in need of long standing, be sure to use the cylinder head according to the sole, really ~ sigh ~ take ~! Foot massage is not itch is pain outside, this directly in deeply, completely pain super slow, according to the soles of the feet can be transferred to the third problem. Germany has its own deep massage gun boxes, four massage head also have their own small receive a case, receive or take out to use is very convenient. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide men and women are applicable German gun to deep massage 2)
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