German kasarda gun? introduce

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-25
Lao wang today to bring us a massage gun - German brand MedigunPro kasarda. MedigunPro to that specified in the joint, the massage gun includes packing, main box, gun with the charger, and six different massage heads there are two stainless steel spear, has an envelope in the massage gun, is really a warranty card or something like that. 1. Kasarda massage the appearance of the gun this version of the whole in appearance than the previous generation more industrial style sense of science and technology, the fuselage material USES is the whole aluminum alloy material, including the first and second half of the chassis. Position at the top of the fuselage is a whole piece of liquid crystal display panels, and the beautiful logo, and can change the speed of light as the gear, very cool, the design on the market at present is also had never seen. 2. Massage gun battery this German industrial kasarda massage gun battery USES the imported high power battery, with relevant website said after a full charge can be intermittent use of six to eight hours. If true, really good, at least in the life is good. Why is this generation of product and the product is the same power generation on, but it increases the range? This will also have to say that the massage gun used by motor is different. 3. Massage the gun motor a comprehensive upgrade this version of the motor, power increase 20%, energy consumption was reduced by 10%. If true as stated, motor upgraded, do good, at least some progress in terms of energy consumption. 4. This massage with the noise of the gun related web sites and video, the report said the massage the noise of the gun can be used 'seconds and kill' all the massage on the market. 5. Charge in the battery at the bottom of the gun is the power switch and charging interface, charging time to turn on the power switch, the massage guns would begin charging, and on the grips with breathing lights flashing. 6. Unique exercise rehabilitation dual-mode kasarda MedigunPro unique massage gun is called: exercise rehabilitation dual mode. There is a button at the end of the massage gun, click to green is static frequency mode, there are five gear, up to 3400 RPM, momentum is also very strong. When the light blue, the frequency of each gear is not fixed, but every few seconds a cycle, from slow to fast fluctuation change, and the fluctuation of the blood circulation will be more unobstructed, muscle and fascia can fully relax, especially suitable for chronic pain. 7. MedigunPro six massage head shape, soft point massage and flat, the three point is suitable for the body muscle group to use large area, but the material of the three point as well as the shape is different, so there are different. Next is the bullet massage head steel material, this can be used in a cave. Level the massage head is suitable for the fascia matrix synechia, combing muscle fiber has a better effect. On the left is U massage head. Well, that is wang today bring German industrial MedigunPro version of all massage gun is introduced. As for the price of this massage gun, local tyrants are optional. Finally, in say, why a good shot at on the body massage dynamics feel very deeply, and cheap massage guns have 3000 turn around to play in the body is always felt there was no further efforts in the skin? MedigunPro massage gun in interior design the AI smart chip, the chip can according to the point of pressure sensor, intelligent to adjust current output. That is to say, this massage gun idling and into the body or detect different dynamics, power output is not the same, that is why can be the cause of the strong penetration. And this design is the vast number of brands. Reprint please indicate the: Germany kasarda of gun guide massaging the gun? Introduction of 6)
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