Fascia relaxation is more important than training, massage gun efficiency is highest

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-20
This article, I always want to you know, especially after the seminar 'self fascia relax instructor', deeply understand there is a more important than training, that is: fascia to relax. Before the start of a little for an example of articles written before: in 3 minutes break muscle all myth! Let you really understand it! Mentioned in this article after the training will have a delayed onset muscle soreness, but if we have enough in the movement before and after the fascia of relaxation, even if the movement after the delayed onset muscle soreness, repair will be faster than expected! What is a, fascia to relax? I believe you probably already know about is the meaning of 'muscle relaxation', but what is real? First of all we need to know what is the fascia? Membrane is a kind of connective tissue, and what we call fascia refers to 'myofascial', which is coated outside the muscle film! Wrap the muscle fascia from the external, internal organs and other tissues and organs, also can have the elastic running in each organization, is both a compartment; Also as a link. Cover the whole body and the fascia, and full of elasticity, so there will be to maintain the effect of the position. After roughly introduces the fascia in colloquialism, why need to relax it now! When we was in a train or in a bad position, fascia tissue from normal sliding into each other together, we call it 'fascia pleurodesis'. This belongs to our human body normal phenomenon, but when we don't deal with it, will make us to do some action will limit of kaka, mobility, the signal transmission between muscle strength will be disturbed and so on. Therefore, we need through the external force to relax, to stick sticky situation gradually restored. Second, why need fascia to relax? Frankly Lao wang his training at the beginning, there is no movement before and after the habit of relaxing, until later found muscles tight, some parts of the pain reaction appeared frequently in training, and found a sports trainer to handle to improve gradually, then also slowly had 【 Relax and stretch to warm-up, training to relax, stretch 】 A set of processes. First, you must first understand our training, muscle is produce damage, through the rest, compensatory nutrition can make damage fiber recover gradually, at the same time also can become coarse, but there will be a small nodules in damage fiber, repeated training and not normal to relax the muscle group, are likely to be '(' lead to that position. Is that why you clearly practice back several days ago, but now some one hit back or will feel very pain. And for this reason can affect our training, more serious will affect our daily life. Is, therefore, prevention is greater than the later treatment, and treatment costs more than a massage massage ball, roller, and even gun, so fascia relaxation need are you talking about ~ 3, what are the equipment can help us fascia to relax? Massage ball: remember the past will be someone to relax with tennis, now has a variety of styles, the size of the massage ball to choose! I would suggest to choose a can slide material. Massage roller, roller enables us to feel relaxed area of the massage ball is big, for such large back, thigh muscles relax. Massage guns: this is emerging in recent years the fascia of relaxation equipment, very convenient, from 100 to the market price 4000 yuan, Lao wang remind everybody, is it really you get what you pay for, so I really need to buy, just buy a positioning, or make a massage ball or roller relax the muscles we can! Q: there is no people in sports need fascia to relax? A: also need! Just have in sports training, people will need more; Higher frequency is not relaxing exercise. Q: since fascia so important to relax, I'll relax sometimes. Is that ok? A: the answer is very subjective, there is no certain ideas about right and wrong, but muscle or needs certain compactness, so with less all not good! Although some muscles ( Neck, buttock leg) Easier to tight, combined with modern people often bend slip playing computer, mobile phone, sedentary so feel very tight, can immediately relax relax! Q: feel any muscle group uncomfortable can fascia to relax? A: not all can be! Need to evaluate is why lead to discomfort, if is general muscle soreness after training ( Delayed onset muscle soreness) Of course can borrow from any equipment to let yourself relax it; But if the case such as muscle strain, inflammation, please don't go to press it, 2-3 days and watch the situation did not improve, quickly go to see a doctor! New to fitness, brace, which is a warm start, gradually found as a certain action, the muscles are too tight will be painful, even ran to find sports protection gradually improved, slowly training before the training, training after all a relaxing fascia ~ at first I would suggest to practice how to relax from the massage ball, roller first any muscle group, there are some basic can depending on the situation after purchase vibration, even buy a massage gun to serve yourself. What kind of equipment is not the most important, the key is whether you are tight muscles have got a degree of ease! Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide fascia relaxation is more important than training, massage gun highest efficiency 0)
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