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Fascia Gun Industry News

Fascia Gun Industry News


The Trend of Fascia Gun

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the public's awareness of health has deepened, and the dual scenes of fitness and the workplace continue to demand long-term fascia guns

The deepening of health awareness is driving consumer demand to shift from just learning to quality of life. With the continuous and rapid development of the Chinese economy, people's living standards are gradually improving, and the consumption for healthcare is also continuously increasing. Under the global pandemic in 2020, working from home has deepened public health awareness, and consumers are paying more attention to healthcare and other aspects of consumption, as well as improving their quality of life. The prospects of fascia gun health massage products are improving.

According to a survey, 55.1% of white-collar workers in the workplace have a strong interest in sports and fitness. Based on data, fitness enthusiasts and white-collar workers in the workplace have a certain potential consumption tendency towards fascia gun products, which belong to the target consumer group of fascia gun products.

        The expansion of the "sub health" group has led to prominent cervical and lumbar spine problems among professionals. In recent years, the gradual improvement of economic level has led to a continuous acceleration of people's pace of life. High intensity work has made it easy for professionals to enter a sub healthy state and suffer from chronic diseases such as cervical spine, lumbar spine, and poor blood circulation for a long time. According to the 2022 National Health Insight Report, among the six age groups of pre 70s, post 70s, post 80s, post 90s, post 95s, and post 00s, the post 95s have the lowest self rating of health, while the post 00s have the highest number of health problems in the past year, and the health problems of middle-aged and young people are becoming increasingly prominent. With the acceleration of the pace of work in modern society, white-collar workers aged 22 to 39 have a common phenomenon of high work pressure and irregular routines. In the context of electronic office work, professionals need to use electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones for a long time, which can easily lead to shoulder and back pain, cervical and lumbar spine stiffness, eye fatigue and swelling, etc. According to the "2021 Workplace White Collar Health Atlas" released by the First Financial Business Data Center, the proportion of lumbar/cervical spine problems among white-collar workers reached 67%, ranking alongside sleep problems as the most common workplace health problem.

The base of fitness population in China is increasing, and the penetration rate is showing a climbing trend. With the trend of increasing health awareness and opportunities to participate in fitness activities, the public's expenditure on fitness products is also constantly increasing. According to scorching consultation data, as of December 31, 2020, China has the highest number of fitness enthusiasts in the world. The fitness population in China in 2021 was 303 million, and it is expected to increase to 416 million by 2026. The CAGR in the next five years will reach 6.5%, higher than the 3.4% and 3.0% in the United States and Europe. The penetration rate of fitness population in China is expected to increase from 21.5% in 2021 to 29.3% in 2026.

The increasing number of subhealth groups and the increasing number of fitness enthusiasts will continue to lead to a steady increase in demand for fascia guns in the coming years.


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