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End-of-year dinner at SUNGPO Annual Meeting 2019

End-of-year dinner at SUNGPO Annual Meeting 2019


Dear guests and colleagues:
Everyone sends it tonight!
I am very happy to be with you in this happy, happy and happy occasion, and we are welcoming 2020. Time flies fast, and we have quietly bid farewell to 2019, which has been very successful, and welcomed a promising 2020. The past year has been the most encouraging and exciting year in the company's development history, and it has also been a year for us all to create and write history. All the achievements of the company are the result of the hard work and sweat of all the colleagues here. It is the result of the concerted efforts, selfless dedication, and unity of all colleagues. Here I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and efforts over the past year, and thank you for your support. Everyone has worked hard! (bow)

With the efforts of everyone in 2019, we have achieved good results. The company's total turnover has achieved a historic breakthrough, reaching 25 million yuan and an output value of 30 million yuan. Traditional health products, wave meters and beauty products, exceeded 10,000 units. In the second half of the year, the shipment of our new project, multi-functional fascia guns reached 50,000 units in September and December, and continues to grow every month. This is a very good situation, and our products are well received by customers and consumers at home and abroad.


The achievements in 2019 have become history. Looking ahead to 2020, our task is even more arduous, and we plan to establish the SUNGPO group next year. With the development and growth of enterprises, we must pursue a goal and a culture. Not only should the management's income be increased, but also the income of colleagues, and the happiness index of colleagues. For a company that has a vision and a goal, we need to build a learning team. Every colleague must be a learning colleague. Start with me, start with senior management, participate in everyone, and cultivate a good individual Learning quality.

I hope that my colleagues in all companies will be able to take off the historical achievements and pressures and work together to continue to leap forward in the new year and create new glories. The strategy determines the direction and the details determine the success or failure. In 2020, we will continue to improve and optimize the product structure, strengthen sales, cooperation and other aspects of management, provide customers with multi-faceted and multi-channel services, and steadily achieve a win-win situation through the full cooperation of various departments. In 2020, the company will add 2,000 square meters of factory buildings to expand production capacity. It is expected that the monthly production capacity will reach 40,000 units, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 units. The sales volume will reach 80 million. In addition, an e-commerce company and a foreign trade company will be established in Shenzhen. Group companies.

"Join a win-win situation for a better future." I believe that with the confidence and hard work of all colleagues present here, and the team spirit of continuous innovation and unity, we will definitely open a new chapter for the development of the SUNGPO Group and make the company achieve more brilliant results. I believe that all of us here will also gain More success and happiness! Finally, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, I would like to pay my colleagues all an early years on behalf of the company. I wish you all a smooth work in the new year! Good health! Happy family! Thank you.

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