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EMS Foot Massager

EMS Foot Massager


With the development of the health industry, the massage mode of EMS becomes more common. Why do so many people choose EMS foot massager?

5 major benefits of EMS foot massage

1. Promote blood circulation. Generally speaking, body temperature is closely related to blood circulation. When body temperature is low, blood circulation is also lower. When body temperature rises, blood circulation is also vigorous.

Foot therapy can improve the blood circulation of the feet and increase the skin temperature, thereby promoting the blood circulation of the feet and the whole body; it improves the heart function and reduces the heart load. Someone has done a test. If a healthy person massages his feet for 30 minutes, the blood flow of his body increases by 10-13 times for women and 13-18 times for men. It can be seen that hot water pedicure can smooth and improve blood circulation.

2. Promote metabolism. Foot therapy promotes blood circulation in the feet and the whole body. Due to the increase in blood circulation, various endocrine glands secrete various hormones, such as thyroid hormone secreted by the thyroid gland, adrenal hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, etc., these hormones can promote metabolism .

3. Eliminate fatigue. When the human body is fatigued, poor blood circulation in the feet first occurs, and the end products of metabolism, calcium salts, lactic acid microcrystals and other substances are deposited.

When a certain organ of the human body functions abnormally or is ill, the blood circulation of the feet becomes worse due to the influence of pathological reflex, and it is easier to produce deposits.

After strenuous exercise, the athlete’s blood contains an average of 30 mg of lactic acid per kilogram of blood. After massaging the feet for 30 minutes, a blood test is performed, which drops by about 5 mg. After a period of footbath, the blood lactic acid is reduced by about 20 mg and recovered to Hardly feel the level of lactic acid in the blood when tired. It can be seen that hot water foot therapy is a simple and effective way to eliminate physical fatigue.

4. Improve sleep. The feet are rich in nerve endings and capillaries, and the feet have a gentle and good stimulating effect on the nerves and capillaries.

This warm stimulus is reflected to the cerebral cortex and has an inhibitory effect on the cerebral cortex. It is the smooth transition of the excited sympathetic nerve to the parasympathetic nerve. After the parasympathetic nerve is excited, the person is in a quiet resting state at this time, thereby improving sleep and eliminating insomnia.

5. Health and beauty, nourish the brain and protect the brain. Through foot therapy, the meridians and qi and blood can be adjusted.

At the same time, the blood vessels in the feet expand and the blood volume increases, so that the blood flow in the head is accelerated, and enough oxygen and nutrients needed by the brain are supplemented in time.

As long as you insist on using it, there will be obvious results.

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