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Usually wear high heels to commute to get off work and go shopping, the calf will be particularly prone to soreness. Even if I went home and rubbed my calf with my hands, my hands were tired in less than 10 minutes, but my calves still felt swollen.

Recently, I just tried an artifact that massages the calf, a massage foot pad from a foot doctor. It is thin and thin, as long as you step on your feet, it can help you massage your calf! Micro currents, let the calf muscles move on their own! Its massage method is very special, using EMS smart micro-electric pulses to let the calf muscles move autonomously . Don't be scared when you hear the micro-electrical pulse. In fact, one of the ways human cells communicate with each other is micro-electricity. This massage foot pad simulates this kind of micro current close to the human body, which is very safe.

3 kinds of massage modes, 9 kinds of massage intensity, foldable storage, reshape the curve of beautiful legs, the foot doctor EMS massage cushion includes the main unit, the charging cable, and the manual and the warranty card. Because this product can be folded and curled, it is more convenient to carry. You can travel with you when you travel or go on business. Its appearance is still very high, in line with the aesthetics of the current people. At first glance, this foot doctor EMS foot pad is full of sense of science and technology. This foot pad is designed with carbon silicone. It is characterized by good softness, shock resistance, non-slip, and pressure resistance. Even if it is used for a long time, it will not cause squeezing. Compression deformation. It’s harder to keep your feet sweat, and it’s still dry in summer.

If the EMS foot pad is used for 15 minutes a day (one time), it can be used continuously for 7 days, and the overall battery life is still very strong. The connection buckle on the bottom can be buckled directly, which is very convenient! The first time I did not use the foot test, the hand directly used, it feels really too obvious, the feeling of Susu Ma Ma, and the strength will be high There is low. However, after using the feet, I found that it is not as strong as the hands, mainly because the skin on the soles of the feet is thicker and the skin on the palms is relatively tender.

In use, it is found that if you open the gear to the maximum, the feeling of the calf will be particularly obvious, one tight and one tight. If you are using it for the first time, it is recommended to use the mid-range (5-6 gears), wait for the adaptation and add it slowly. If you are used to it, it is perfectly fine to directly use the 9th gear. Now when I use it, I can directly open it to the maximum. The sour and refreshing feeling is really hard to describe in words. In addition, this foot doctor EMS foot massager has an automatic shutdown setting, as long as no feet are detected within 20 seconds, it will automatically shut down!

Take off your socks, step on it, and just tap on the remote control to enjoy it. You can use it to relax your calf muscles after working at home, reading books, watching dramas, and exercising. If you are on a business trip or traveling, you can also roll it away. It is small in size and does not occupy a lot of space, so you can relax your calves anytime, anywhere!

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