Electric massage gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-17
Below we will come and take you massage gun manufacturers understand understand electric massage guns 1, Thai brace: Thai brace in the application of massage a gun is a traditional massage with the good combination of science and technology, through the leg machine drawing, shoulder and waist fixed ejector, realize human arc tensile, give the physique big stretch, so as to achieve stretches the physique, ` collaterals ` blood to live. 2, space bend: guide rail is a mainstay of the massage gun, the space bend as a new generation of guide rail, a second guide rail and double guide two L, massage space bend has a long trip, achieve a neck, shoulder, back, waist, hip and thigh lift massage, the limitations of traditional massage gun can massage the back. Number 3, zero gravity capsule: air distribution, and is one of the decisive factor massage comfort, zero gravity module according to the principle of human body engineering scientific allocation of gun each interval massaging the balloon, balloon bearing package body, through the air and produces pressure pulse in neck, waist, back, buttocks, legs and feet comfortable massage. Zero gravity simulation space at the same time, let your legs in the trunk, between the legs and torso into 127 & deg; Angle, make the massage of uniform distribution of gravity, let the body in a state of natural and comfortable, release the pressure of body and mind. 4, a foot wheel gs: massage gun before and after the foot wheel crisscross, with eight convex point refers to the pressure, times ` and foot massage range, cooperate with airbag extrusion massage, realize a foot 360 & deg; ` gs massage roller, generation x waste and d element and peripheral circulation to worsen a vicious cycle ` ring, make the feet of the xy velocity increases, the body xy follow ` ring, accelerate generation ` x waste through s dirty and other organs. The above information from yangjiang heng's intelligent technology co. , LTD. , the author, please visit the official website detailed consultation, we are looking forward to your calls. Next article: why do home massage gun price difference so big? A: choose home massage gun
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