Electric gun massage

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Electric gun massage work friends at his desk for a long time, you often feel waist? What do you do for a method to appear this kind of? Electric chair is an alternative artificial modern appliances, electric chair day brought a lot of convenience to people, spinoza chair author introduces below 1 under the electric chair. 1, electric mechanical arm chair department function through imitation of kneading, shaking, refers to the method of pressure, such as division, on the whole back, after a mechanical arm up and down or so exercise can adjust the position of the spine around before and after the useful by 1 activity spine and ligaments. Let you get back. Second, the electric chair kneading with chair alone t kneading organization can imitate the kneading, on your back muscles to traction, kneading, kneading, influence on muscle in soft, and some parts are different intensity of kneading, and muscle fiber elastic recovery, accelerate the speed of the blood. Three, electric chair rocking function by natural relaxed rocking chair, adjust the spine position, around activities each spine and ligaments and effect correction spine, sympathetic, and c into the blood, etc. Four, electric chair refers to pressure the built-in function chair pressure roller, in certain acupuncture points with appropriate strength of the body. Imitate the division method of acupuncture points to the back pressure, useful beam of the human body acupuncture point, make the circulation of blood g smooth, increase the human body. Five, the vibration of the electric chair vibration function chair function, through the vibrator, can happen to the vibration wave c into the blood capillary, tired. Six, electric chair hip pressure chair cushion big leg built-in air pressure device, kneading, on big legs and hips for acid exhaustion, c into the blood. Allows you to get fully in comfortable. Seven, electric chair leg pressure function chair leg organization built-in airbags, spread on either side of the legs, can be in when to soft calf strong kneading kneading. And then the leg acid feeling tired. Eight, electric chair view function refers to the chair t set up double electric apparatus, can be adjusted according to users' personal love arbitrary viewpoint, with the back of the chair feet homework to mz arbitrary attitude, let you can be so sitting position, force will also be able to lie down. Nine, electric chair electronic timing function, which is good for electronic timing chair built-in microcomputer chip has many timing function. When beginning, electronic timer starts, time stopped, chair active downtime, lest because of excessive physical discomfort. Ten, the active program of electric chair with active program chairs, imitated division method. Develop the corresponding active program, using high-tech skill is stored in the microcomputer chip, it can perform a different method. The user can choose the corresponding active program. Ten 1, electric chair foot rack play function calf feet length can according to your demand, have g good effect. Is more and more by people's view, and not jj is the elderly, g is now young people take points, many young people are beginning to know, the chair is healthy, natural is loved by the masses, but how to choose chair? How to choose the good chair again? There but, the right connections with spinoza chair 1 1 under this choose the way of good chair have? Choose chair you first look at the chair of quality, many people are buying things at the first look at the price, in fact the bad habit is not very good, after knowing the price, the in the mind know to choose the cheap 1 product, and ignore the quality of the product itself, also with the right products miss the boat. So, when buying, you first look at the quality of the chair, chair of the use of material, appearance, how good is to be able to sit on the touch of the body under 1, such g to pick a good chair. After looking at the quality of the chair, can see the price under 1, the chairs are 1 some high price, because the product is like 1 should pay tax, price high 1 some of the unification, but many of the chair quality is as good as the chair where to go, so you can see 1 domestic chair. Through the body, in your in the mind also is to have 1 pole said. Step 1 is also crucial, understand its service system. Not despise small chair, but the quality can't compare with the small chair, I help the surface also has a fixed distance, chair is not a small product, change the said refund back, and the failure time is trouble, need to be repaired, can I help you supply delivery, installation, etc, for repair surface also g, g is convenient communication. So a good chair is quality and service is good, after understanding, hope you can choose the right chair. Want to know other information, please pay attention to our guangdong ( Yangjiang) Spinoza electronic technology co. , LTD. , household chair which good we have different views, the same is to use, the quality of the chair and the chair on the market because of lax supervision, 1 some defective chair planning is not reasonable, each part of the simple form, so let's household chair when the choose and buy good first t understand early under the chair, and to the store to buy. Spinoza chair quality, inheritance too keep fit philosophy, combined with acupuncture point pulse chair, chair letting g more consumer touch of spinoza chair of health day wit, enjoy healthy life. Next article: without the previous: massage about the advantages of home massage gun gun manufacturer
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