Electric gun is good in henan xinyang massage massage guns where there is sell?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-17
Electric gun is good in henan xinyang massage massage guns where there is sell? Electric massage gun inside the top 10 ranking is quite good, like my own to buy is the massage gun, around 7000, family members are particularly fond of, electric massage function of gun generally will be introduced in the inside of the manual, but the best massage massage gun not more than 20 minutes. Massage gun supplier of choice is more important, a good supplier can buy cheap high quality massage gun. Is to first understand the choose and buy some: 1, quality: run if quiet is an important index, good massage guns must be a quiet voice, the noise big massage guns must be mechanical structure is rough, quality not good. Don't doubt it. 2, the movement: movement with high quality massage gun average prices are higher, but not necessarily high market prices are good movement. All metal movement cost is higher, trouble-free running more than 3600 hours, plastic machine cost is low, trouble-free running time 600 hours. Means that the former do not give an issue with at least five years, the latter a year may be a problem. 3, the computer control: not a colored light controller is really is a computer control, computer control is input in advance the program of simulated massage expert, can automatically detect the each size again, and then computing out when a specific person massage, let a person feel accurate thoroughly. Massage gun is according to the human body acupuncture point massage? Massage a gun now has the branch of physical therapy and leisure class. Physical therapy class is mainly import or joint venture brands, electronic detection the body height and area county, actual massage will fit the body massage. Roughly points area can cover up a massage. To regulate the body, solve ache, god of sleep, and boost the spirit has obvious effect. Do not trueer, massage acupuncture points area don't expect he can find the enrollments in accurate, precise only acupuncture meridians points to. Artificial massage massage is also a range. How to distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of massage gun? Massage a gun back massage function? Massage the function of the main gun is back, neck, waist, and leg massage and artificial massage foot massage is the difference? Mechanical and artificial massage massage massage guns is different, although there are a few contact massage gun, cannot choose acupuncture point artificial massage, acupuncture, and carrying out similar action, just imitate people 'knead', 'knead' action. Therefore, massage gun can eliminate fatigue, relieve discomfort, relaxation effect, there will be no treatment effect, and its strength is not easy to control, the strength of hours, the effect is not big, will make muscle pain massage strength big gun will leakage? Not leak, the first material is insulation special massage skin, does not cause harm to life, the leakage because of the current mainstream massage gun drive motor adopts dc 24 v, ( The human body safety voltage is less than 36 v) For more massage gun related knowledge, please baidu search massage small gun to pay! !
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