Don't exercise can use massage gun? Of course I can

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-27
People who do not exercise, of course, is that you can use massage gun. Initiated the problems may be to massage the gun didn't understand in place, massage gun is deep muscle fascia to the human body through the release of the high frequency vibration in massage to relax. Appear as massage ball, massage guns fascia shaft, belonging to massage to relax, dredge meridians, through the tools of local blood circulation, massage massage gun just release is deeper muscles. Bold prediction: will massage the gun is street essential relaxation of regular massage products. Well anyway, so why not exercise is also can use massage to relax gun? Because people use every day to the muscles, so will lead to muscle in a tight state for a long time, the cycle will lead to muscle weakness. Like place of leg muscle group also good, not good muscle strain, but like the waist muscle group is to say, especially the office sedentary people most likely to happen for a long time the state of strain of lumbar muscles, and neck muscle fatigue. This is why in downtown street a massage shop in a wide range of reasons! So, people who do not exercise how to detect their muscles in a tight state? In addition to the above mentioned for a long time not correct sitting postures can lead to the waist and neck muscles strain, you can try: sitting in a chair, with one hand on the knee muscles or on either side of the upper part is to find a man makes his one hand kneading the muscle, you will feel special to itch, so congratulations you, the muscles in the tight state! People who do not exercise is it necessary to start a massage gun? Lao wang can only say here: personal massage muscle relaxation products, are necessary. If I can use other things to relax muscles, let oneself easy, auxiliary type massage products completely unnecessary. But like gua sha, massage ball, fascia gun axis and massage, massage the gun efficiency of these products are of the highest, this old does not accept any counter! ! ! The most important point: if you use the massage massage to relax tightened muscles gun, don't be silly don't pull a few siming massage, don't the opposite leg muscles hurt yourself. ! ! Reprint please indicate the: don't exercise can use massage massage gun guide gun? Can, of course, 2)
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