Domestic massage gun contrast: pro2 and 750 yuan for 1500 level, which good?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-23
This issue will bring domestic massage gun transverse comparison of two different price, one is 1500 yuan, another massage gun is 750 yuan. Take a look at this first retail 1580 pro2 massage guns. Packing of the zipper is very smooth, when we opened, can see the body of the massage gun and five different USES of massage head. Containing its charger, this place has an instruction. Pro2 2000 milliampere lithium batteries, so according to the regulation, the massage gun is can take a plane. Prospectus, massage has introduced the main gun structure, and the massage head commonsense problems such as how to change. In this manual are specifically prompt: please don't take vibration massage my gun is applied to the head or around her genitals. Official said pro2 at no load speed is 1800 ~ 3400 revolutions per minute, the stroke is 12 mm. That is to say massage massage head gun at run time it is the moving distance of 12 mm. There is noise that! The above is pro2 out of the box. Take a look at another value 700 yuan thies force massage guns out of the box. Less relative to pro2, inside a massage head, but most of all, our daily use of spherical massage head, massage head and peace in the cylindrical shape, so the three commonly used, so a less effect is not very big for you. Massage in the gun body, of course, also comes with instructions, but the overall pretend bility is not so high. Relative to pro2 manual, instructions will be more detailed, the use of massage it inside the gun and the role of each head is written, this people who had never used a massage for gun or friendly. Thies force of the massage guns from resist to high speed is 1600 RPM to 3000 RPM. He began from the aspects of speed point to it, don't like other vendors qi top speed is 9600 RPM. Not take second instruction is very interesting, it's side in graphic detail, in the form of relaxation method shows each muscle group. Detailed to what extent? Different IDE muscles, relax by which massage head, how much time, it is written very clearly. And there are some other location methods of relaxation. Feel this piece of instruction is very useful, especially for some not used to massage gun, even people who do not know how to get started massage guns is very useful. In the aspect of human nature, the feeling than to do better! Noises are generally on the package, in fact the two massage gun almost, but their noise problems in use? We put the two massage on the guns are idle, the final conclusion is: obvious noise than pro2 efficiency a lot. Portability is pro2 massage gun the naked gun weight is 1. 04 kg, massage gun does not indicate its weight, but the weight of the two models get hand feeling is similar, so should be around 1 kg. Use massage guns in the home, will not feel, but if you consider take to carry out, choose a smaller, longer battery life massage guns. Say so many, massage gun is the most important is really for the process of muscle relaxation. Appearance has no how to heat dissipation structure contrast in appearance, but the massage the gun at the top have a heat-sink window. Don't look down upon the cooling hole, in the narrow space inside the motor when the motor speed will produce a large quantity of heat, so the cooling demand is also becomes especially important. Massage guns in the instruction manual written, do not use for more than half an hour if a timeout, suggested that rest for 5 minutes and then continue to use. Massage a gun is told not to use for more than an hour, if more than one hour, suggested that 10 ~ 15 minutes rest. From the time point of view, a good massage, heat dissipation is how important. The two massage gun grip handle, used in holding the bottom of the rubber material, compared with the pure massage guns plastic material will be better. After using for a long period of time, there will be some sweaty hands, in the case of hand sweat, the rubber non-slip still better than plastic! Two massage USES contrast massage gun gun actual strength is not only see it idle time. When you relax your muscles, you will certainly use the downward. This time will be affected by some external force, under the action of external force, massage the frequency of the gun will drop a lot. So you massage gun when the choose and buy, don't just look at its annotations of the idle frequency, more should care about is the motor force, will significantly lower frequency phenomenon. Through the actual test, will massage on the gun gear, whether the sound or frequency, when you push hard on the there will be a certain degree of decline. Massage gun in the case of stress, is much less frequency, about half. Or talk to the largest, 3000 revolutions per minute, it will fall to 1500 revolutions per minute. Pro2 massage gun in the case of stress, it is smaller than the frequency of the loss, and a lot. But after comparing foreign gun pressure massage, its frequency attenuation or less. Maybe that's related to use inside of the motor torque, so the domestic cheap massage gun, in terms of motor or not massage gun as well-known brands. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide domestic massage gun contrast: pro2 and 750 yuan for 1500 level, which good? 3)
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