Different brand strength abroad should be how to use massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-21
Last year there was a American brand special hot massage gun, that is brand. Basketball court a lot of players are used, such as the garage at the time of warm-up massage is holding a gun to relax the muscle group. So what this kind of massage gun it exactly have effect? Although the first massage gun Lao wang is with the product, but for now but is not the only one home, at present there are two massage gun at home. One is hypervolt is the brand, the other one is friend THERAGUN brand G3 PRO. Back to the topic, massage gun effect or not? What's the use? When you do intense exercise or is having played the ball to use massage gun to massage your muscles, can make your muscles fast recovery, because intense exercise or play basketball is anaerobic exercise, your muscles will produce lactic acid. Is after you exercise your 20 hours to produce lactic acid, if the day after you exercise you can use massage my gun, massage muscles when you don't need a massage for a long time, every part massage can just have a minute or so, press and massage place does not need, if you don't listen to Lao wang said massage guns could be burned. Massage on the muscle surface when it is ok to 'walk', so that it can effectively achieve the effect of muscle relaxation. In addition if you are a player or for fitness, do the pre-match warm-up or brace to warm up, also can be used to massage the gun, the effect is very obvious effects than the massage ball, etc. Lao wang today want to tell you how to choose a massage guns and how to use it correctly. First to introduce foreign brands of massage gun brand, the brand is a brand, to be honest many massage gun basic currently on the market are imitated this brand design. This gun has four massage head, massage fork type massage head, star massage head, shovel type massage head and point massage head. Noise: will massage guns on the gear noise decibel also however 65 decibels, the noise reduction design is very good, really, in be used actually it really quiet. This advantage is that you in the evening after exercise or play ball, use rise is very quiet. If is this your first time to use, open massage gun gear to the second leg will be enough. This massage is the strength of the gun in Lao wang had seen all the massage gun, is not very strong. But its frequency is very high, which makes this massage guns in use won't be able to stimulate some deep muscle. Such as coxal muscle, the front of the waist and legs, etc. So for those who need professional athletes or people in the fitness of further relax muscles, this type of massage gun is not a good choice. Strength of the second is a very small massage, the massage gun is very light, the weight of the girls can use single hand without feeling tired. Thought this massage the magnitude of the gun will be very big, but I didn't think this described above brand of massage than gun down the strength of the nearly doubled. But the strength of completely suitable for the girl down and the body to use and more suitable for those who have long basketball training or football training children to use. Such as a school for training sports everyday, so it is for small girl by athletes and tailor-made products. Third, THERAGUN brand G3PRO massage gun, this massage gun price is now seen as the most expensive one. G3PRO noise is more than 70 decibels, but its use strength is very strong, very suitable for professional athletes and the use of fitness professionals. It also gave me a very good massage head. Well that is a few simple introduction for everybody today Lao wang massage gun use feeling, just only to see the interpretation of, follow-up will be in-depth review. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide foreign different brand strength should be how to use massage gun? 1)
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