Crus cramp can use massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-30
You can! Highly recommend first let's look at what is a cramp? We commonly known as 'cramps' is 'muscle spasms,' it is a kind of spontaneous tetanic contraction of muscle. We usually commonly occur in the legs and toes of muscle spasm. It is very pain, in attacks may last a few seconds or even dozens of seconds at a time. Especially in the middle of the night cramps often take pain to wake. Since cramps is the contraction of muscle spasm, nature is a massage can use guns to hammer. Normally past solution to cramp: if if there is a calf muscle cramps, our usual practice is to let other people use hands hard rub spasm of muscle, the contract together to 'massage' muscle, massage spasm after phenomenon also will follow. But because of muscle cramps occur too suddenly, and the average man hands are hard to rub spasm of muscle, unless you are a professional muscle recovery. This time, if you have a massage gun directly open to the largest gear, to where the cramp pressure, will soon spread spasm cramping muscles. Use massage gun method: Lao wang said these are not false, but the least. A few months ago was trapped in the home, every day to the stadium to play, play in the unconscious crus cramp. Take own G3PRO to when I was on the third day, as Lao wang know this massage gun attack strength is seen by the massage gun's biggest strength. On the pitch but a calf cramps, will use it to hammer spasm, to 'blow' cramp would soon return. Again: if you are really want to use the massage gun against the muscle spasm, please select a trustworthy brand. Reprint please indicate the: gun guide crus cramp can massaging the gun? 6)
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