Compared with traditional hand massage massage gun, which is better?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-07
Many office white-collar workers have been bad since I do not know because life work and rest or no movement, the body is in a tight state for a long time. Women usually love to good atmosphere environment of good places do SPA, on the contrary men prefer directly to massage sore point of Chinese style hand massage. The problem comes, anecdotal massage shop master craft the good and bad are intermingled, a teacher one day do not know by a few people, it's your turn, good luck, you get the good service quality; But almost luck, maybe have expended much effort, the result as passably, let a person feel spent money but not to regret. Recently popular massage gun, perhaps can serve as a substitute for you eliminate fatigue and muscle aches. Below compare the two main functions: sometimes massage strength of the traditional hand massage by croaking or pain in your brightly want to sleep, it depends on the teacher capability, good chance and luck. To know sports massage to relax the muscles in bad conditions, if the press process have a strong pain, in order to protect the bad muscle, good will get tight muscles, relax rather putting the cart before the horse, the purpose of the wasted effort. Is different from the hands, massage on the massage the gun to ease muscle, from the first minute to the end of that a moment, so each point on the strength of all is the same. And applied process there will be only slightly sour feeling, most of the time are comfortable. Deeper degree also anecdotal Chinese massage is through the vibration to reach muscle relaxation, but machine vibration frequency cannot compare with his hands, and muscle layers, so muscle group is a whole bunch of, light pressure can't accurate confirm tight parts by hand. In addition, the pressure equivalent to tap with his hands, and leads to heat, swelling occur some parts may be so. Massage gun level of pain less traditional massage hands press, this is because the latter due to time constraints, can only to a few main points, forced the local muscle to loosen, sometimes not too hard, cause pain index to rise. But the body has the linkage, if there is no completely relax muscles, and will soon recover tight state. So, massage in the massage strength and deep degree gun are superior than traditional hand massage. But massage guns must often according to the 'to' gradually relaxed, as for time, massage each use a gun, not in the same place massage too long, suggested by 5 to 10 minutes. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide compared with the traditional hand massage effect, which is better? 1)
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