Choose five attention point of massage products

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
With the improvement of living standards, people use computers, cars, more and more time, leading to problems such as cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder line rise, and gradually tend to occur among younger, most of the people's neck in the sub-health state. And massage instrument, as a kind of high-tech intelligent products, relieve fatigue can help people with neck disease to relax after a hard day's work, alleviate neck fatigue, so now many families choose massage products. As consumers, in the face of full of beautiful things in eyes of massage products on the market, how to choose a good massage products became a big problem. In order to prevent cheated in the process of buy massage products, buy fake products, a threat to health, before buy massage products need to pay attention to the following: 1, product appearance and good workmanship massage products tend to leave the fine workmanship. Good massage product not only on the appearance of the product design structure, accord with human body engineering and in materials and workmanship are also strives to meticulous, tension and wear-resisting degree good material, make the product easy maintenance, not easy craze, guarantee the long service life. 2, operation noise products operating noise as small as possible. Massage products are produced when use is uneven, noise is due to internal mechanical clearance force will become loose after, on the contrary, if the massage products with precision mechanical structure, will not make a big noise when use. Usually, metal machine core products of low noise, long using time, and the service life of plastic machine most below metal movement. Also because of this, the price is on the high side, the price is low. 3, as far as possible when product availability to buy massage products choose the product with high practicability. Many performance comparison of a single massage products, are classified according to the massage place, such as back massager, neck, shoulder massager massager, etc. But some massage products can achieve massage multiple parts at the same time, this kind of massage products cost-effective, suitable for family use. 4, product use comfort comfort level is the decisive factor to buy massage products. Most massage products working principle is to use mechanical extrusion force to massage, should choose a suitable size or can freely adjust the massage products, in order to avoid inappropriate size which reduces the comfortable massage. In addition, massage products at the time of work, efforts are in place, would be able to get a massage, is the reference standard. 5, product after-sales service and guarantee massage product after-sales nots allow to ignore. As intelligent home appliances products, due to the particularity of equipment, product after-sales service and maintenance, technical personnel are needed to solve; Durable goods and massage products belong to life, family use fixed number of year of the product basic within a few years, so good quality massage products brand will be humanized service, to ensure continued use of the product. Mastered the basics of massage products of choose and buy, can according to their different needs to buy massage products. There are many different kinds of massage products on the market, many vendors shoddy, can lead to comply with the above requirements of massage products are few and far between. Next up: household massage guns on the common faults and maintenance plan a: household use massage gun the note
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