Capsule massage gun, with the interpretation of science and technology human nature design!

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Whether to follow the principle of human body engineering, is a common massage massage guns and gun, the difference between a good massage many gun SL type long rail, automatic size detection, and other functions, basic threshold for joint size of human body engineering. At the same time, good electric massage are using intelligent machine gun, simulated reality technique, so that many parts of the body massage in place. Massage gun, guangdong spinoza's capsule combined with human body engineering in the design principle of its equipped with SL space bend, card slot type transmission S orbit, the bearing parts of the body from the cervical vertebra to the coccyx extends to the seat and legs, precision humanized massage gun structure, high experience, based on this, can achieve zero gravity model on both ends, let the body on the massage the gun is in a state of comfortable and comfortable, the depth of allowing users to enjoy a massage. Massage combined with guangdong spinoza the gun used brand manufacturers movement, and can automatically detect the body height, informed neck position, take acupuncture point, intelligent movement than massage therapists' understand you, will use the 'human body engineering is very good, for users to create a new adapter users' private tailored version of the proportions of massage gun, cooperate with the whole machine 30 balloon 6 road, covering the hands, arms, buttocks, legs, feet, every inch of the skin and body acupoints can enjoy the massage effect. In addition, from the material also can directly determine the massage gun level, the lower part of the massage gun with wooden frame, not wear-resisting inferior PVC leather and plastic material of massage head, life is short, use is also very hard. Good massage guns in the high cost on material selection, material ductility is usually strong, capable of achieving the accord with human body engineering. Such as guangdong spinoza capsule massage gun USES is automotive spring steel, dozens of sets of hardware, structure of precision, is in the home for long-term use massage gun cost-effective option. After a bit, the difference is equipped with massage gun program, guangdong massage spinoza capsule in addition to have smart machine gun the hardware advantages, in software programs, guangdong spinoza did not blindly pursue quantity, but for the user to select equipped with six massage program, based on the human body engineering design standards, simulate real massage handle, two kinds of methods at the same time, compared with traditional massage gun for massage way to cater to the human body, massage experience and human nature, can effectively help high pressure groups, middle-aged and old people to alleviate fatigue. Next article: massage gun crash failures, how to do? A: what kind of massage capsule gun is on
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