Bubble axis and gun which relaxing massage effect is good?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-28
Why massage gun, besides blessing flow platform is more people curious mentality. More people choose massage gun is probably because the GIF dynamic figure below. Massage without a gun before, most of the people for what's fascia, as well as muscle stiffness and why why cramps, and so on related issues are not understand. After massage gun, the shape of 'gun' form of muscle relaxation is a lot of people choose, dodged like bubble axis, fascia ball and so on massage auxiliary equipment. There may be a friend to ask the massage effect gun? The effect how? Lao wang here to be sure the answer is yes. And in the bubble axis, fascia massage ball and fascia with knives and guns, the effect of these four massage to ease muscle, massage the gun is the highest efficiency. And time cost and manpower cost is the lowest. But massage guns on price than other products more expensive. Massage a gun, it is the full name of the muscle fascia deep massage guns. It is through the vibration of the high strength to release muscle deep fascia. As for regulating blood circulation, the experience muscle cramps has excellent effect. Bubble axis, similar to like the appearance of mace, currently foam shaft are upgrading electric shock the shaft, its price is expensive. It requires the use of its own weight must be above the pressure in the bubble, bubble and axis is only able to nourish the gluten membrane and muscle, like the deep fascia and muscle of the thigh deep effect is faster than massage. So, bubble shaft vibration massage with guns on the effect of massage to relax, to massage the effect of the gun is very good. Reprint please indicate the: bubble gun guide shaft and massaging the gun which relaxing effect is good? 6)
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