Brand: specially designed for women of light massage fascia gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-26
Massage a gun is no longer a player's patent, you actually I also can ride! 'Small beats massage gun' is the world's first designed for modern women fascia massage gun, improvement on the market generally heavy and noisy massage gun, with a lighter, convenient use, anytime, anywhere relieve muscle stiffness. Lao wang will teach you how to use a small hammer on massage gun, improve the blood circulation of the whole body and ache, relax you my daily life. Lao wang compiled on the Internet about women more demand, need a massage guns handsome choose this time a year research and development, specially designed for modern women and older people's 'small beats massage gun', break the massage gun only professional athletes, or fitness person need to use stereotypes, change his brand of massage to carry guns, heavy volume the inconvenience of appearance, the three major characteristics of small beats can more close to solve user's worry: a good carry, compact in fashion, more can reduce the financial burden on the wrist when using the 'small beats massage gun' width size 13. 9 cm, wrap 4 cm in diameter, weighing only 653 grams, is currently the world's most light massage guns, and on the market for more than 1 kg, as if like dumbbell massage gun, women can single hand operation, reduce the financial burden on the wrist. Appearance design is girl with pink color, and texture in black and white, a total of four color, provide more diverse choices. 2, 5 speeds + 5 kinds of massage head, some soreness suit the remedy to the case of small beats have the lightest and the strength of the strongest on the market, to meet the needs of the users to make the depth of the comfortable massage, from the first leg 800 turn awakens the muscle, to up to 3200 revolutions per minute of a strong shock, through high frequency wave propagation, deep relaxation fascia tissue, eliminate muscle fatigue. With 5 kinds of massage head, respectively for big muscle group, the leg muscles, double ridge neck, lymphatic and meridians different parts, such as control of vibration strength in order to achieve different massage effect. Even older, underweight, or less exercise habits women, enough muscle groups can also reduce pain points through 'exclusive small gear strength' massage, using 30 seconds can effectively relieve a lot of pain problems, say goodbye to accumulate over a long period of hard work. Three, patents mute motor, smart timing shutdown, humanized intimate design as the quietest massage guns on the market, small beats only about 45 decibels, equipped with patents mute brushless motor, whether in the home or workplace do not interfere with the others. With smart timing shutdown mode, the product will automatically stop after running for 15 minutes, avoid excessive use, humanized design let consumers use more at ease. A massage gun 'solve the problem of all women'. Lao wang will continue in subsequent updates on girl massage using a tutorial on the gun, to teach you how to use small beats massage gun, improve the blood circulation of the whole body and sore. As long as used properly, whether sedentary, long station workers, or housework busy career woman, or a fitness, can be achieved through massage gun deep relaxation, eliminate edema, anywhere relieve tight muscles after the training, get rid of uncomfortable feeling of pain! Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide 'brand: specially designed for women of light massage fascia gun? 3)
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