Brand massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-23
( ) Shandong origin for China, its main business for fitness equipment, treadmills, spinning, etc. Massage gun listed in the beginning is one of the many fake massage gun shape brand, has been sued for patent infringement. But it is also one of the first Chinese brand to enter the market massage gun, high-profile, is still at a low price in the market place both at home and abroad, have remained stable export massage gun. Massage the gun's model for A1, A2, A3 three sheet is tasted, A1 and A2 as original massage gun, appearance imitation, massage gun is A2, A3 best performance, also always get rid of the shanzhai modelling. Deep massage entry-level gun as main performance and price ratio of the market but if the budget is in 300 yuan of early adopters, consumers in choosing a brand of massage gun can only choose low version with A2. Massage is 300 yuan in the same gun, T try to balance the quality and price, but there will be a joint A2 massage gun is lax, sometimes high-grade can emit sound, user feedback, and product quality control is! A3 is equipped with 9 massage head, there are about five, high airframe design originality is stronger, aluminum alloy material, do manual work is qualified. And A3 hit cap and range than A2 are improved, and professional enhanced many, price 699 yuan, is the most worth buying products. Want to buy a toy, can completely, but still a bit of a gap between fitness professionals use. Recommended models: DHZ A3 reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide '( ) Brand massage gun? 3)
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