Brand massage gun? Details about it

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-24
Today bring about each of the domestic brands massage gun - Massage a gun. This massage gun equipped with four replace head, this is also very standard configuration. It is the outer covering of a hard plastic case. Equipped with massage gun operation instruction is of course essential. In the operating instructions tell us each a different massage heads massage place and muscle relaxation time and methods. To say the first massage gun the use effect of different massage heads. This pointed to relax head, main is to relax our deep muscle; Flat head massage head, mainly is suitable for various parts of the body, because of this the shape of the head is flat; Fork type relax massage head is back on either side of the spine muscles; The last head is spherical, mainly is the large muscle groups. This massage gun, a total of five gear power display is also, of course, have. At the top of the massage guns have outlet and radiator, and very good-looking. When choosing a massage gun, must pay attention to whether have the ventilation holes, because the cooling holes in the presence of massage directly decides the service life of the gun, it is very important. Don't be a no cooling of choose and buy products, it is easy to cause the massage gun motor due to the slow cooling burned! This massage guns in a non-slip handle place, like frosted silicone, can prevent slippery can have the effect of shock absorption, reduce fatigue due to vibration. Use massage guns often meet some friends, only to a piece of Dui muscles of a life to the dead, in fact it is not good, so can't help us relax muscles, also caused the risk of muscle injury, don't recommend to use, you should take a look at the instructions before use. Lao wang suggested in massage gun using brand activation and preheating muscle, as far as possible control within ten seconds to half a minute, this is a set, can be repeated use three to four groups. If you are relaxed ease muscle pain or stiffness after training, about 30 seconds to a minute or so. When we use massage guns must follow our muscle fibers, such as pectoralis major, from starting point to the sternum dead point position, from inside extroversion. Be sure to follow our muscles, in this way can achieve the effect of the maximization. Friends often exercise rolled iron, all know after each exercise, have to stretch to relax. To ease our muscle tension and pain. Use massage to relax and ease muscle soreness, gun must be a top new method. Although there are a lot of muscle relaxation method, for example, we go to massage, bath, sauna, these are too limited. It is not like massage gun is very light, anytime, anywhere, it doesn't matter if you have any friends can use, so the massage gun is a worth of product. Let you in a shorter period of time to find your target muscle sense of power, to improve the quality of muscles, the faster the gun passing through the domestic massage today introduced its use of attention and bring people comfort and ease. Reprint please indicate the: gun guide 'brand of massaging the gun? Details about 4)
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