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deep muscle massage gun

deep muscle massage gun


You will find that now people are willing to buy massage gun against their muscles, which will go deep into your tired muscles and accelerate recovery, bring you to your peak.Buy quality massage gun that can get muscles ready before, or after exercise, allowing you to recover hair faster, promote blood circulation and lymph and promote relaxation of your muscles.

Massage gun have lots of benefits for your body.It can help prevent body aches, reduce tension in your muscles, increase your mobility and range of exercise, reduce tension, soreness and pain, and even accelerate the recovery and growth of your tissue.The use of the massage gun is also very simple, just aim the massage head at the area that needs to relax, when opening the switch, moving slowly up and down the muscles, where you feel particularly sore, you can spend some extra time to tap.

Sungpo massage gun is in a middle and high grade position both on noise, battery, battery life or the fascia gun.The large massage gun noise below 65db and the mini massage gun below 45 db.The material is ABS, anti-fall, the battery is Zhuoneng lithium battery, power storage capacity is strong, not easy to damage, long life can be full of power 3-4 hours, the service time reaches 5-10 hours.The massage gun handle is just enough for an adult man to hold, and the mini fascia gun is enough for an adult woman to hold.Large fascia guns generally below 2KG, mini massage gun generally under 1.5KG, and prolonged use will not make your hands feel sore.The forehead speed of the large fascia gun is 1400-3200 per minute, and the appearance speed of the mini massage gun between 1400-2600 will often change according to the market demand to meet consumers' pursuit of beauty.

Soungpo massage gun uses feel oil, matte highlights texture, the surface has soft touch, abrasion and strong adhesion, smooth body; front mouth smooth and smooth, no groove edges; shell injection smooth, flawless, high mold massage head using private mold, smooth and clean; motor with 55MM brushless motor, small sound, sufficient strength, deep muscle tissue massage, suitcase + aircraft box, environmental friendly materials without peculiar smell.

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