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Best massage gun for 2021

Best massage gun for 2021


Whether it is to return to the gym to exercise after government liberalization, to buy fitness equipment to exercise at home, or to subscribe to courses online, there are effective ways to exercise effectively. But after you do exercise, do you often feel muscle soreness? This is due to the breakdown of energy in the body during exercise, and some metabolites are called lactic acid, which is metabolized slowly and easy to stay in the muscles, leading to muscle pain and discomfort. Then you need a scientific exercise tool to tap your muscles to relieve muscle pain, so what kind of exercise tool is appropriate? Consider using a fascia gun.

The massage gun uses the power of shock therapy to operate your body's soft tissue. This treatment is largely widely recognized, and they use fascia gun therapy as the best tool for treating muscle pain after exercise. People who like sports, professional athletes or people who have been in pain for a long time, and massage gun percussion therapy has some effect on them. The tapping of a massage gun can focus on a certain muscle group or muscle knot to immediately relieve the pain. It also promotes blood circulation, helps relieve muscle stiffness and even stress and sleep. Next I will introduce 2 company massage guns.

Model 013 massage gun. It is small and lightweight, perfect for travel or some travel. The handle of the fascia gun is hold in one hand and not sore for a long time. Its battery capacity is 2000 mAh, 3 batteries, power storage capacity; 4 massage heads, meet your needs for different parts of the body; the speed up to 2765 times per minute, meet the need of people for multiple times a week; sound below 45 decibels, will not make you feel the brain creak, will not affect others around you. The amount of interest in mini small fascia guns, sent away, and use yourself at home, this fascia gun is all worth your consideration.

Model 002 Fascia gun. This large fascia gun is more suitable for professionals or for strength. It uses 6 batteries, 2500 mAh, speed can be up to 3200 times per minute, 6 massage head, each massage head has a corresponding body parts, each part get appropriate scientific massage; sound below 65 decibels, will not produce much noise, in public; use inorganic motor, small noise; charging takes 4-5 hours, can use 6-8 hours, 3 minutes without automatic sleep, protect the battery, make the fascia gun not easy to damage and long service life.

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