Be masseuse massage gun you know?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
As the pace of life faster and faster, a lot of people are prone to diseases such as cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, these diseases are caused by sitting in the company. Every time after I get home, always the first to the village next to physical therapy, massage to relax body and mind, every time chat while massage and massage therapist, I half jokingly asked him once, you guys to massage every day for so long, after go home as well and I after work? Work long hours every day, he said, for the burden of the body is large, so it has a massage in the home gun! Even the masseuse massage feels good gun? Suddenly I had the interest, ask which one is he? He said, massage a gun! The answer is in unexpected, but also in a sense, the professional performance of really trustworthy. , belonging to the guangdong health technology co. , LTD. , located in China's eastern coastal areas, Repor health intelligent household clear since it first created the new operation mode to build brands, namely: in the experimental factory output level, integration of advanced industry supply resources; In research and development and marketing for the twin-engine, constantly provide users with personalized, professional, intelligent, quality and grade of the high cost performance products. Repor intelligent health home to become a professional 'health intelligent home integration system service provider' as own duty, through the integration of industrial chain resources - — Xiamen, ningbo, the development and production base, Shanghai electric business operation center, yangjiang brand marketing center, will effectively massage equipment and household products group, products covered by the gun, massage sofa, functional health massage, pedicure machine, household massage cushion, massage gadgets such as a full range of health intelligent household products, implement the 'health' and 'health' the height of the combination of deductive household space, meet user of health preservation and experience the real needs of household, let every family while enjoy wisdom health keeping in good health, sharing health intelligent household technology and artistic beauty. In development at the same time, also will continue to actively participate in sports, education, charity, and so on all areas of public welfare, 2013 - 2015 hand some sports co. , LTD. , as the Chinese Olympic committee massage equipments supplier for Chinese athletes stay healthy, relieve physical and mental power, in 2017 as a Chinese chess team sponsors to support Chinese chess team win honor for our country. In return for society, culture, and promote the progress of industry as own duty, in order to promote the development of social and economic make its own contribution.
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