After the exercise, must massage with fascia gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-23
Must have a friend a message asking about fitness after massage using fascia gun to relax? This question is a little too rigid. That Lao wang ask, massage a gun, not previously bodybuilders after warm up before exercise and fitness of muscle relaxation is rely on what? Before haven't massage gun, like fascia ball, fascia relax shaft, moreover there will be a special massage for muscle relaxation. So why is there a friend like the idea of the title? Outside the following points: 1. Red actually massage massage of detonation gun gun in the gym is already at the beginning of 2018 time, and the gym is not common in China. Because this year massage in a tone of detonation gun red as well as the use of numerous star on the pitch in the NBA, became everyone's curiosity. The similar products in the shape of a gun is what things? Gun became popular in the domestic, massage, gym rolled iron hand massage a gun, for fitness warm-up before and after exercise to relax; Wild pitch for a short period of time treatment of leg cramps artifact; Office become ease the strain of lumbar muscles, and so on reasons, the most effective tools for making people think of massage in the first gun. 2. Efficient massage guns is not to say that when you to relax muscle, massage gun is the only option, but to use massage to ease muscle fascia gun efficiency is the highest, which is equivalent to the manpower, financial resources and time cost. , for example, when you after strenuous exercise to rest, you can use massage his gun on the leg muscles relax, can carry out the chest and arm muscles loose solution, auxiliary without having to let others to help you. And when you are on the pitch, crus cramp, if no professional massage therapist is present, is can't to get cramp the muscles of the out come of, if there is a muscle fascia gun to deep massage, would be easy to break twitching muscle and fascia. This is attributable to massage gun in massage muscles, high efficiency! So finally, is the end of the massage gun is not a must, but the effect is the most efficient in many massage to relax the product. Start again explain: massage gun not pay tax 'IQ'. ! ! Choose a fancy massage gun that is not a wise choice. Reprint please indicate the: massage after the exercise of gun guide must use massage fascia gun? 1)
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