After pressing coxal muscle pain massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-27
Lao wang had a friend is to do massage treatment, recovery of his therapy and then open in the center of the downtown office building, every day to massage to relax is the white-collar office. Like the workplace occupational disease does stiff neck, strain of lumbar muscles, etc. Friend is also very recommended office USES massage gun for relaxation. Like using massage gun after pressing coxal muscle will be very pain, if the parts without injured before, to be sure eighty percent is caused by long time do strain of lumbar muscles. After pressing coxal muscle very pain for another reason: this muscle is too tight, and the muscle force. How to restore the coxal muscle pain? Using the gun after pressing hip, massage dynamics control in the range of you can endure, and time control within 5 minutes, carrying out pressure testing of massage the pain points. Do you think this is over? After a lot of people are using it gun massage to relax no matter, is actually very fatal mistake. As mentioned in the previous article: why buy massage gun? Because often feel muscle was very tight! Gun to vibration massage muscles, the muscles are relaxed, but length didn't change! While the brace, when? Soft muscles went on to brace, is the most effective! So in the use of massage massage to relax after a gun, it is necessary for stretching. Because of the length of the muscle is the muscle health performance, stretching is very necessary. So, after using massage gun after hip massage to relax, how to stretch the muscles? Using knelt down on the way, let the body relaxed and extension. For 20 seconds. Repeat five times. In this action you can also use the hand to the left or right, it will extend to the lateral abdominal muscles, effect is better. Well, above is Lao wang to use massage gun after pressing 'why hip pain and how to stretch the movement's point of view, if there is any deviation please correct reproduced please indicate: massage massage gun gun guide after pressing coxal muscle pain? 0)
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