Adi wang ADKING massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-29
This two days received many friends to direct messages inquiring about the massage of gun? Whether it is worth. Lao wang today about the way to a, of course, Lao wang did not proceed with this brand massage guns, but still can clap breast to analyze. Checked the this brand, I found online says there are mountain suspected of adidas, is a exercise fitness equipment company. Check data and look at the said this brand is domestic, zhejiang regional brand, said everybody knows this! Massage gun sold in a total of two paragraphs, but you can be sure the two no difference, it can be considered for the same product. Massage to see a gun is worth it, Lao wang had said, Martha, motor, noise processing, thermal control, body material and so on aspects. Motor is known to all depends on how the quality of a massage gun will have to see what it is used by motor specifications. Brushless motor is better than a brush motor, efficacy, or on the service life. The selection of the motor is also about the noise of the massage with a gun, a high-level brushless motor noise natural small lot, inferior second-hand motor noise is to you can't imagine. Lao wang didn't find related page in massage gun always massage about this brand of gun used by motor is what kind of specifications, how much is the output power and so on. Simply emphasize the use of motor is very strong. : massage for use within the gun motor is very vague gear regulating massage took a look at this gun gear is introduced, Lao wang was shocked! There are twenty gear adjustment, had said before massage gun general control in three to five gear gear, is a bit more 'sensationalist' feeling. You can visit [ Massage a few gun gear is better] This question and answer. Even professional athletes do not use this gear stratification to the extreme, not to mention we these amateurs, '20 gear adjustment' stunt suspicion is very big! Noise reduction processing noise Lao wang is not very care about, even with massage gun of the decibel noise reached more than 70 Lao wang are acceptable. Massage and look at this gun has not said what can control the level, so don't say more in detail. Massage speed gun found a ring also have no, Lao wang also did not find this massage gun speed: how much is per minute, it's a bit awkward, not ridicule. Is relatively ''s conscience ', and not advocating per minute up to 9600 RPM. But in this to say, you in choosing a massage gun, speed control in 1500 to nearly 3200 revolutions. Why? You can see the question on speed before pharaoh said the choice of [ Massage shot speed is higher, the better? ] Cooling actual pictures to see massage gun, there is no heat dissipation design, gun is completely enclosed is massage, the massage gun is likely to appear when excessive use motor with no heat removal and the phenomenon of burning in a timely manner. You don't look down upon the design of the cooling mouth, no ventilation and cooling mouth massage gun on the service life is no comparison, that you have to be very careful when choosing massage gun! And, of course, the choice of the elements of the gun battery capacity, massaging the gun of the stroke and so on, wang did not find any introduction in details introduces! If, in accordance with the above points to see this massage gun, Lao wang is not recommended are demand for massage gun has a friend. Because from massage gun motor, noise, heat dissipation and battery capacity, our official offers information is in is too small. Looking back, everybody's most concerned about is the price problem. $99 to $399 this price, you don't have anything to say, if you are only in one and a curiosity to taste fresh and office workers can start, but don't too much experience requirements, also don't say what massage after a gun but that's all. If you have a passion for fitness or runners, Lao wang suggested or not to start with, to go to a long-term consideration, Suggestions of well-known domestic brands or massage gun granddaddy. Massage gun will figure: Sunday afternoon full of cheap massage reprint please indicate the gun: massage massage gun gun guide? 3)
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