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A good fascia gun or a bad fascia gun

A good fascia gun or a bad fascia gun


What points do customers pay attention to when purchasing fascia guns?

 ▶The Motor

The motor is the core of the fascia gun, which determines the massage depth, vibration frequency, noise and service life of the fascia gun. It can be divided into "brushed motor" and "brushless motor".

●Brushed motor is noisy, poor in stability, low in safety, easy to generate heat and short in service life;

●Brushless motor has better noise and stability than brush motor, and has high safety, less heat generation and long service life.

▶ The Transmission System

The transmission system is an important part of the fascia gun, which determines the life, power and stability of the fascia gun to a certain extent. The core part includes bearings and connecting rods. Bearings are divided into single bearing, double bearing and multi-bearing. The difference is that the single bearing vibrates greatly from left to right, which makes it more awkward to use, while the double bearing and multi-bearing are relatively more stable and more comfortable to use.Connecting rods can be divided into plastic materials and metal materials in terms of materials. Connecting rods made of plastic materials are easy to wear and break after long-term use, so try to give priority to connecting rods made of metal materials.

▶ The Massage Depth

The depth of the fascia gun is the massage depth, but the greater the massage depth, the better. If the massage depth is too large, the muscles will be damaged, and if the massage depth is too low, the deep muscles cannot be penetrated by the blow. All customers should choose the massage depth according to their own needs.

▶Thrust and Torque

Generally speaking, the greater the torque, the stronger the force, and the greater the strength of each strike of the fascia gun, and the one with high thrust is preferred.

▶Noise and Weight

In the process of using fascia gun, it is inevitable that some noise will be generated, so customers give priority to the fascia gun with low noise.

The weight of the fascia gun is also one of the factors that affect the experience. If it is heavy, it is easy to get sore hands, and if it is light, it is afraid that the massage will not achieve the effect.

The big gun is relatively heavy, but its functions are relatively complete, and the massage depth and thrust are relatively large; Small guns are lighter and more portable, but the massage depth and thrust are relatively small.

▶Rotation Speed

Generally speaking, the speed of fascia gun is 2000~3200 rpm, and the speed can reach 3200 rpm, which is already an excellent level. If the maximum rotation speed of fascia gun is less than 2000 times per minute, it is recommended not to buy such products.

▶Battery Life

As a power source, battery is not a core parameter, but it has great influence on every charging product and directly affects its experience. At present, most of fascia gun products have a battery life of more than 10 hours, which is enough for use.

Gear and safety protection

Multiple gears can make the massage intensity more detailed, and find the intensity that suits you best. Safety protection settings are very important, for example, it is automatically turned off at a fixed time for 10 minutes, so as to avoid muscle injury caused by massage for too long in the same part.


Good service is also very important. Manufacturers provide better service and warranty period, which can make consumers feel more at ease and satisfied after purchase.

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