4th generation and the sharp increase new members - massage gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-19

4th generation, deep muscle massage gun has been the arrival of the new generation of Pro, Elite and Prime to strengthen the effective noise reduction technology, than the previous generation to reduce by 55%, 75% and 70% respectively of airframe noise, equipped with bluetooth system, can pass the phone App connections, and according to be fond of make massage to ease treatment. And new Supersoft soft massage head, can effective against vulnerable parts of the body such as finger bone a jolt relaxation therapy. Also for the first time new Mini Mini portable massage gun, Mini is light and easy to carry, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the experience of deep muscle massage to relax. Fourth generation Pro than 60% higher than that of the same type massage instrument stimulation depth, the user can be in a quiet environment to relax the muscles at the same time, also can enjoy professional muscles relax treatment experience. Range, a new generation of Pro and Elite endurance than the previous generation rose 200%, while the Prime more increased by 260%. In order to help users to set personal massage treatment, developed a Smart Percussive Theraphy system, user data, through the analysis of the bluetooth connection Pro and Elite users using the App, support iOS and Android terminal, can be combined with Apple Health platform used, its internal three for massage treatment process, from different parts of the body also contains the pressure gauge, available at every time the massage treatment is shown in the picture and strength. Together with the 4th generation series, synchronization of research and development of new Supersoft spear, extremely soft design can cooperate vibration model, for vulnerable muscles, and even bones provide the most appropriate relaxation therapy. Professional massage Pro gun equipped with full range of 6 carefully designed with different shape, size and hardness of massage head. Another girl, Prime and Mini type is compatible with the whole series of six relax head, can according to individual needs additional of choose and buy, close to set up a safety lock in all the spear, prevent accidents caused by loose or fly out. As for the new Mini Mini portable massage gun weighing only 650 grams, even travel carry very deft, sports enthusiasts, hang out with the Gospel. Built-in Quiet Quiet Force massage technique, dark dumb nabla type surface casing and ergonomic handle, hand shake hands handle different position also can maintain a perfect balance, let use it more comfortable to hold and flexible, can easily get deep massage experience anytime and anywhere. Mini like other models, with a full range of other massage head use. Three speed 1750 parts per million, 2100 parts per million and 2400 PPM, can close to take care of the needs of different location, more can be continuous use 150 minutes after charging, enjoy uninterrupted massage experience. Reprint please indicate the: 4th generation of gun guide massaging the gun - add new members )                                

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