100 multivariate massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-30
Recently a friend asking about at the moment of a treasure, a more than 100 yuan of massage gun? Lao wang only ha ha laugh it off. But it is not hard to find 100 yuan of right-and-left massage gun sales volume is very high, the same bad review rate is also high! As for the effect of massage gun here, Lao wang is not too much here, does not go to massage to relax after motion, and, of course, it can alleviate quickly calf convulsions, ease muscle fatigue for sedentary office as well. Lao wang recently seen institutions of traditional Chinese medicine massage gun has also been used for ones, use acupuncture point massage, massage so gun is necessary just to occupy the first choice! 100 yuan price brand first let's take a look at the price massage guns are what brand. Judging from the current sold in mechanic is most sales in many brands of products, the second brand like dragons, KUS, Semir Semir, jfsport, song picked, MEIMIAOYOUTH, herlong, xin friends, migration, Mr Denton, led and so on brand massage gun. Think that year old when retrieving massage gun, the treasure has not sold in goods, is now the class contains a variety of brands are countless number. Also has the friend ask in this price brand massage gun to have foreign brands, here can certainly answer is no. If you believe in, Lao wang have nothing to say! 100 multivariate massage gun use effect on the measurement of the article before price difference is very big in the two different brands of massage gun, finally the conclusion is: in blind tests, use effect and feel exactly the same, see clear is the condition in exactly the same! Like now, therefore, the so-called gaudy no with the function of the more basic. One hundred yuan price theory of motors used by massage gun is good or bad just belong to gun how the quality of the motor is used in the body. One hundred yuan of massage gun used motor, don't want to have a brush motor. As to have a brush motor and brushless motors and the difference between a kind of good relevant issues, will be in the subsequent explain for everybody, here we just need to know: brushless motor in energy consumption, noise, on the strength and service life have brush motor points minutes after the explosion! Brand strength of more than 100 yuan? Evaluation of [before How to choose, and massage gun, different price? ] These three have a reference to questions about efforts to massage the gun. Strength is determined by the use of motor, also said above, strength, but still can deal with the usual relaxed, as for the deep massage. Tell you in advance, and compared with the problem, the price is 'embroidered pillow. One hundred yuan price of massage shot noise again, have 100 bucks, noise control anything else? If you can stand the noise, presumably should be no problem. In this price also consider the massage is the battery capacity, motor heat dissipation problems, external use material problem and so on is unable to compare with other price! Many see as one hundred yuan, but to choose and buy when it is often not what you want, here is involved in these businesses more pit. Want to buy at a lower price, more commonly massage gun for cable, want to use the portable mobile massage guns have to add money to buy. Said so in the end, more than 100 yuan of massage gun exactly? Whether it is worth of? Here want to say is, if you are the first time to buy, and demand for massage gun is not very strong, it's just purely for fun, you can buy 'tasting'. If you really want to use massage gun to solve their own problems such as muscle fatigue, in this recommendation or not to proceed with for good. If you are local tyrants money of foreign brands such as hyperice; If you are the pursuit of cost-effective, domestic 1000 yuan price of the brand is a good choice; As for the 100 yuan massage gun with you also need to be careful, here is not just a quality problem, safety is the most important. Reprint please indicate the: gun guide 100 multivariate massaging the gun? 3)
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